Who developed it?


The Discovering Strengths Toolkit was developed by Bigstone Cree Nation in partnership with Classroom Connections.

Bigstone Cree Nation is highly committed to finding new ways to engage youth within their community.  As a result, they are continuously looking for innovative approaches to education and positive options for youth, both in and out of the classroom.  In their search, Bigstone connected with the Classroom Connections and their Change Learning project and pilot tested several programs that would eventually become part of the Toolkit.  After seeing the benefits of using these strength-based approaches, they wanted to see how the various tools could work together and how it could be used by a broader range of youth-serving programs.  Bigstone was also interested in making the programs available to other communities.  Through their partnership with Classroom Connections and Change Learning, the seeds for the Toolkit were planted.

Classroom Connections has been working for several years on Change Learning, an initiative to support and pilot test new models and approaches to education in Canada.  They realized that many of the programs they were pilot testing were very successful when used together in a community.  They also saw the difficulty that communities had in accessing new programs and training, especially in remote areas.  The seeds planted in Bigstone during pilot testing began to take root.

Bigstone Cree Nation and Classroom Connections worked together to create a proposal.  They went on to pilot test and revise the programs and to develop the online portal. The initial funding to create the Discovering Strengths toolkit and the Help Centre at Bigstone has been provided by HRSDC as part of the National Aboriginal Skills Training Investment Fund.