Who's the Toolkit for?


Who Was the Toolkit Made For?

Who The toolkit is designed for use by any organization or service provider working to help Aboriginal youth and young adults.  This includes:

It provides teachers, group facilitators, counsellors and community workers with access to programs that can help them engage Aboriginal youth in discovering their strengths and exploring potential careers, life paths and employment options.

What About the Clients or Students I Work With?

The programs work best with youth who are starting to think about their futures (14 or so) through to young adults who are unemployed, underemployed or unsure of where they want to go in their lives (30 +).  It is a great set of tools for youth who have left school (or are disengaged from school) and are looking for new options outside of the classroom.

The tools are designed for use in small groups or classrooms, but most can also be adapted for use with individuals in a counseling setting.