Why use it?


The tools in the Discovering Strengths toolkit can help you reach and engage the youth and young adults you work with. They can be used to help unemployed, underemployed and out of school youth to begin building skills and developing a career path.  They can also be used as part of a career planning program in school, Life Skills or upgrading programs to help you meet program objectives.

How Are the Tools Different?

All of the tools in the Toolkit take a strength-based approach to helping.  This means focusing on what's right instead of starting with what's missing.  The approach is founded in the belief that every youth has a unique set of strengths and full potential for growth, change and success. It also recognizes that each of us holds the key to our own transformation. Learn more about the strength-based approach.

Do the Tools Work?

Each of the tools has been used in a variety of settings with excellent results, and pilot testing of the entire toolkit in action has shown increased resiliency levels, an increase in pro-social behaviour and a decrease in at-risk behaviours. See more pilot testing results.

How Can I Use the Toolkit?

The Discovering Strengths toolkit can provide you with: