About the Toolkit


The easy-to-use online toolkit includes effective assessment and career development programs that engage youth in discovering their strengths, imagining positive futures and exploring potential career paths.The Discovering Strengths portal is designed to provide Aboriginal communities, even in remote regions, with innovative self discovery and career development materials

What's in the Toolkit?

There are currently 4 tools that make up the toolkit, and we are looking at additional programs in the future.  The tools can be used together to create a complete program, or they can be used individually to meet specific needs of a classroom, social services department, youth group or community organization.

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What Are the Tools Used For?

The tools in the Toolkit are designed to:

  1. Measure participants' current developmental strengths and explore the factors that help them cope with, and constructively respond to adversity.  Learn more about the Resiliency Survey.
  2. Help youth identify their strengths, skills, and possible career orientations, while learning to work effectively with others in teams and whole groups. Learn more about Prelude.
  3. Provide an opportunity for youth to explore a variety of potential futures by experimenting with career, life and educational choices and imagining the life they want to have.   Learn more about The Real Game.
  4. Assist youth in understanding how to tell their life story to discover how their talents, strengths, and experiences can create a future life vision that is holistic and incorporates information gathered from the world of work . Learn more about Guiding Circles.

What Else is Available Through the Portal?

Everything you need to use the tools effectively is available through the portal, including assessment options, training for teachers or service providers, and all participant materials needed to run the programs.  Additional resources are also available to Toolkit members and there are great opportunities for communities and organizations to share experiences and learn from each other.