Pilot Testing Results


Initial pilot testing results have been very positive. The tools have been used in a variety of communities, and in different settings. Some organizations used specific tools on their own and some settings used all the tools together as a complete and intensive program.

When the tools were used together in a dedicated program (for disengaged and unemployed young adults), the results were particularly positive.  There was a significant shift in the number of participants' demonstrating a stronger degree of resiliency. That includes positive increases in external factors such as peer group and school or work involvement as well as positive increases in internal factors such as restraint and level of planning and decision making.  Learn more about the Change it Up program and how they integrated the four tools within an innovative 6 month program.

Positive behaviours also increased for things such as financial management and the ability to delay gratification.  Equally important, risky behaviours such as alcohol use and gambling decreased after participating in the program.

Even when the tools were used individually, positive changes in external and internal resiliency levels were reported.