Assessment can help you find out what is working and what is not.  It can also help you to prove results to funding organizations or be an evaluation strategy in any proposal that you are writing for your organization, school or community.

The Toolkit includes suggestions for two forms of Pre and Post testing.

The Resiliency Survey is an assessment tool that measures developmental strengths and the factors that help people cope and constructively respond to adversity. Surveys of more than 80,000 individuals (ages 8 to 85 plus) in cities across Canada consistently show the importance of resiliency to promote restraint from risk and increases in positive behaviours.  These behaviours are essential for the workplace and for life. Because of this, the Resiliency survey can be a powerful way to measure success or impact of a program.

It can also be valuable to look at changes in specific skills that are fostered through the use of the programs.  HRSDC Essential Skills offers some easy-to-use, downloadable assessments for Oral Communication, Working with Others and Continuous Learning.  These can be helpful pre and post tests to assess how participants feel about the impact of the program and the skills they are building.